Extruder Hopper Loader / Mixer Loader

Systems (India) Screw Conveyor / Extruder Hopper Loader is a motor driven spring type metal screw conveyor for conveying PVC resin / PVC compound from ground level to hopper of the machine. The lower end of the conveyor is fitted with compound receiver 200 Kg. capacity with Vibrator. Level of the hopper is controlled by level controller.

Mixer Hopper Loader
Motor Drive (1440 rpm) 2 HP 3 HP 7.5 HP
AC Variable Drive AC Variable Drive for 2 HP AC Variable Drive for 3 HP AC Variable Drive for 7.5 HP
Conveying Time 8- 10 Kg/ Minute 12- 14 Kg/ Minute 80- 160 Kg/ Minute
Conveying Distance 7 – 10 mtrs. 7 – 10 mtrs. 6 mtrs.
Vibrator Tank Capacity 200 KG. 200 KG. 50KG – 500 KG.
Motor 0.5 HP 0.5 HP NA
Level Controller Fork Type/Micro Switch Fork Type/Micro Switch NA