Scrap Breaker Cum Granulator Version (Power)


Scrap Breaker Cum Granulator

SYSTEMS (INDIA) Scrap Breaker Cum Granulator / Scrap Breaker Cum Grinder is designed specially for rigid PVC pipe scrap or any Rigid Plastics. It’s speciality is to feed full-length pipe & does not require pipes to be cut into small pieces and gives smooth and trouble free service. There is no iron particle problem as other grinder’s blades chip off and mix with the granules. This does not produce cutting dust as well as gives symmetrical sized granules. There is no wear and tear of the parts. No need to sharpen the blades on & off.The following are the special feature of the machine.

    8 to 10 hammers are fitted with rotary block one end is fixed with bolts and the other ends of the hammers are free to hammering and breaking of Rigid PVC pipe scrap/Rigid Plastics.
    The chamber is fabricated in round shape and fitted with the steel mesh of required granules size. All hammers starts rotating in the chamber as soon as the pipes enter from front side and the hammers break, the pipes into small pieces which passes through the mesh and collected at the bottom. Air breather and Air blowers are provided for air cooling in the chamber. Water cooling to the chamber is also provided.
    This is fabricated with mild steel fitted with good quality high speed bearing and water cooling system for longer and trouble free service.
    Frame is fully reinforced to absorb any types of vibration during operation.
    The panel is equipped with starter, voltmeter, Amp meter, rotary switch and face indicating lamps.

Above mentioned specifications can be changed without any prior notice for betterment of the product.