Heating Cooling Mixer Vertical

Heating Cooling Mixer - Turbo for recycling of PVC Pipes
Heating Cooling Mixer for recycling of PVC Pipes

Heating Cooling Mixer Turbo

Heating Cooling Mixer for recycling of PVC Pipes
Heating Cooling Mixer for recycling of PVC Pipes

Heating Cooling mixer is suitable for rigid PVC Dry Blends. It is a combination of High Speed Mixer Cooler Mixer. The mixing done in the high Speed Mixer and transferred to Cooling Mixer for quick cooling. The set consists of mixing vessel, cooling vessel special designed mixing blades, electric motors and control panel.

Specification High Speed Mixer
Fabricated cylindrical mixing vessel made of stainless and jacketed by mild steel sheet. The jacket construction permits to control the frictional heat by circulation of cold water. If a shorter mixing is required then circulates hot oil through jacket. The top cover is made of mild stainless steel with impregnated gasket fixer on container to prevent leakage during mixing operation.

The complete mixing vessel and motor is mounted on sturdy fabricated steel of standard sections.

Bearing Housing
Main drive shaft is mounted on anti bearing on frame below mixing vessel. Mechanical rotary seals are provided to prevent the resin leakage during mixing operation. Water circulation is provided with spiral jacket to maintain bearing temperature and high temperature 500’C grease is being used to bearing and housing for long life as well as minimum frictional heat and maintenance.

The mixing blades are made of special alloy steel having three different directions, which ensure three times extra life than the normal SS blades. The special designs, shape and angle of the blade provides accurate vortex formation for quick and homogeneous mixing in 6 minutes time to achieve 120’C temperature. No. of Blades â€?6 Nos.

Single speed, 3 phase, electric motor 1440, rpm drive the main shaft transmission is by “V” belts as per table.

A pneumatic cylinder is provided to operate discharge spoul of the high-speed mixer and mixing compound can be direct transferred to the cooling mixer for cooling.

Cold Blender
Cooling mixer is suitable for fastest cooling of directly transferred RigidPVC Blends from High Speed Mixer Thespecial designed cooling blade square shape Internal cooling ring and outer jacket cooling systems are resulted of fastest cooling.

Cooling Vessel
Cylindrical shape cooling vessel made of stainless and jacket by mild sheet. Outer jacket is reinforced and circulate water all around the SS vessel for maximum heat transferred as well as it gives strength to SS vessel and bottom part of vessel is also reinforced to avoid bulging and give proper circulation to the water. A square shape cooling ring provided at the center portion of vessel for faster and efficient cooling of compound. The top cover is made of stainless steel having swing type openable arrangement. The complete cooling vessel is mounted on the fabricated steel frame of standard sections.

Cleaning windows are provided for cold blender, is our new introduction.

Made of stainless steel and special designed to give proper movement to the compound for shorter cooling cycle.

Pneumatic cylinder is provided to discharge spoul of cooling mixer compound can directly filled in the bags or canbe connected direct with extrusion line.

3 Phase, 1440, rpm standard make electric motor fitted with suitable reduction gear box of standard make through “V” belts as per table.

Control Panel
It includes voltmeter, Ammeter, temperature indicators starter for control of electric motors. Buzzer is also provided to indicate the mixing time. This control panel is air tight to prevent any type of dust entrance in the panel.

Electric supply 415 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles A.C. Compressed Air :5cfm and working pressure at 70 psi Water pressure : 2-3 kgf/cm2.

AC Variable drive & Soft starter provided on request
Please note: For betterment above specification can be changed without prior notice.